Kanchanaburi, Thailand – made me fall in love with traveling on my own

Have you ever thought about traveling alone? Have you ever thought about being a backpacker and going on a spontaneous trip?
I didn’t, but it happened naturally.

A friend I knew on the road told me that if you travel alone, you will be afraid if you don’t take action. Once you start your journey, you probably won’t look back, because you don’t have to worry about other people’s plans, you can see what you want to see and adventure, shock and unspeakable ease will give people new ideas and scenery that moves with different mindset and mood.

First let me take a photo with my old phone to give you an introduction in brief! Later, I will introduce how to go to this place, and why I am going and how to go. What I can predict is that a vast expanse of grassland will open up your minds; a road of death in the anti-Japanese period with a historical background will awaken your grateful heart; the sun goes down westward, the sun rises eastward, as if every minute and every single second, every casual moment is so unforgettable, and it is reluctant to let the memory of here flows away from your fingers. The Bridge over the River Kwai and the antique train that is in touchable distance that let me cross from modern times to a hundred years ago feels like I was connected with the customs and emerged in the arms of the time.

Endless grassland, yellowish, red, not monotonous

The death railway built with blood
An ordinary morning with the yolk-like morning light of Kanchanaburi
Zero distance with the antique train at the River Kwai Bridge

Here is the information for a day trip: interested can refer to:

Kanchanaburi Full Day Tour from Bangkok by AK Travel

If you like my introduction, you can give me a like, you can also see my sharing. If you have any thoughts or comments, you can drop me a message. Because I’m not full-time blogger, updates will be a bit slow, please forgive me!!! Next time I will introduce the method to travel here like a backpacker!

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