The highest glass viewing platform in Bangkok (King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk)

There are many people on the Internet introduced this new attraction in Thailand (Mahanakhon Skywalk). I had a chance to watch this attraction in the first month it opened, so now I am going to introduce it to all of you!

This skyscraper, which opened in Nov, 2018, is known as the highest glass viewing platform in Thailand (Mahanakhon Skywalk) ,the viewing platform is located at an altitude of 314 m. It has the widest view of Bangkok and is the best place to embrace the sunset and night view of Bangkok. It’s also easy for visitors who want to go there, you can simply take a BTS down to Chong Nonsi station, then you can go straight into this building and check-in. There are some photos I have taken during my visit and hope you will like it. Lets start with my favorite elephant which is placed in the lobby of the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk skyscraper.

Come and follow me to see the sights of Bangkok from on top of the Mahanakhon skywalk! When we first entered the elevator to the sky bar, in the elevator showed a video of the whole views that you can see from the this building with a 360-degree screen which is amazingly beautiful. In the following I have captured a nice view from the video and present it to all of you:
This time my friends and I bought the 74th floor as we knew during the opening period, visitor will be free upgraded to the 78th floor, great! And the entry ticket even included a free drink so that you can drink a little and enjoy the precious moment that Bangkok brought to you.

As soon as I reached the top of the King Power building, I can’t stop myself to start taking photos. And of course I wont’ miss the check-in photos that shows the height of the building and the famous glass view platform Mahanakhon skywalk. Since I am suffering from height phobia, so this kind of photo one is far more than enough. If you love this kind of scene, you can take photos as much as you wanted. However, please be reminded that, all camera equipment and selfie cameras are not allowed to be taken in while you are inside the glass view platform. Even the shoes have to be taken off, put on the foot cover to enter, so it is good and convenient that if you go with a friend.

Let me give you some more information and photos of my favourite elephant again. This is one that I took outside the building.

If you want to buy tickets in advance, you can use the following Klook discount link, but I don’t know how many discounts they provided. Please check follow

[SALE] Mahanakhon SkyWalk Ticket in Bangkok

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