W Hotel Bangkok just beside BTS and next to Mahanahkon Skywalk

This time I went to W-HOTEL with two annoying people, I didn’t take much pictures, so I would briefly introduce W-Hotel this time!
Let’s get started! Bangkok’s W-Hotel is located next to Chong Nonsi BTS, where you can see the character W on the exterior of the hotel. W-hotel is also close to a new attraction in Bangkok – Mahanahkon Skywalk (Yes, its a new opening spot, with the glass cellar viewing platform at 314 meters).

Everyone knows that the most most annoying part of Bangkok’s BTS is that there is no elevator up and down the valley, especially when you are sweating. If you stay in W-Hotel in Bangkok, you will have a different experience, because W-Hotel is very close to the A-square next door where there are escalators, and it is very convenient and had a 7-11 in it~~ Also my favorite 7-11 toast.

The W-Hotel lobby is probably with best design among the hotel I have ever seen except Park Hyatt. (Probably because there are not many hotels I have seen before ^^”)

I will see the elevator from the right side of the front desk. If not someone comes out from that corner, I would have thought that the elevator is vanished. ^^ This is the first time I stayed in such a high-quality hotel, because it is too expensive for me, so I can only stay with the other two annoying people in which I can enjoy buy 3 get 1 night at W-hotel. Although I didn’t get free-upgrade this time, I was still surprised.

Because it was the anniversary of my two friends, I told the W-Hotel before I went to the hotel. I was touched when I entered the room. We checked in just desk, the bed was full of balloons, and then seeing the following muffin, I feel really romantic, but I am the one who is ruining romance. (Too annoyed! I said me not them~~ Ha ha)

Under normal circumstances, the W-hotel standard room is like this ^^ It feels like you don’t have to write hard ^^yeah ~~ After reading this photo, the W-hotel part will come to an end~~ want to know more about it, you can direct message me or leave a comment for me!

Finally, a little bit to add on, W-hotel room feels very suitable for couples to have a lovely and interesting stay ^ ^ sweet lovers can give it a try^ ^ (I feel no matter how block myself from the mirror or covers, because there are too many small reflecting part in the room, I can see the location of the bath and the toilet everywhere. It is very inconvenient, but it is very interesting for couples ^^

Hotel Booking:

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