Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel is conveniently located and is nearby the BTS. At the Ploenchit BTS station you can see the “R” at the top of the hotel. From BTS to the hotel minute. There is a big 7-11 near the hotel, as well as Boots, McDonald’s, etc. It is only 5-10 minutes to go to (Erawan) the four-faced Buddha or to Big c, Central world shopping, Platinum mall, sky bar and so on. If you choose a hotel near Ploenchit, this is really on the money. I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to go to the check-in place^^ So this hotel will be good. After playing check-in many places in the hotel, I directly returned to the my room for a few minutes. ^^~~~ Then I went all the way to shopping (buy and buy), all the way to the big C and the Platinum mall. This is how a day ended in Bangkok.

memory is always beautiful
Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel 曼谷萬麗酒
Hotel lobby

Back at the hotel, when I arrived at the hotel, I felt the friendly smile of the staff. At Check In, Welcome Drink was delivered to the hand. Since I sent an e-mail to the hotel before departure, I hope to be free-upgrade as much as possible. Front desk staff also asked if they could arrange to upgrade from the basic room to the suite. After a review, just one suite was empty, probably because of the off-season! nice! I really hope that I can be so lucky to live in such a higher-class and higher floor room every time ^^

It was kind of amazing that I really upgraded to the 2112 suite, the room was very luxurious, the view is open, with a 270 degree city view. It’s totally worth living. After the bed, there is a floor-to-ceiling window which the warm sunshine in the morning can slightly shine on the bed to wake me up. So that I can be full of energy and undoubtedly enjoyed the journey in Bangkok leisurely. If you come to Bangkok and stay in this hotel with the righter person, this could be a wonderful, romantic and luxury memory in your life. ^^

open the secret door of 2112 suite
welcome gift
It was surprised that the hotel treated us with this set as the birthday gift for my friend.
Although only a small gap of sunrise can shine on my room, but its already more than my expectation.
The view that my room can see.
2112 suite in Renaissance Hotel Bangkok
With the floor-to ceiling glass, you can enjoy the city view while bathing
open up the window in the shower room, the whole room can be seen

Since the room is on the same level as the Executive Lounge, it will be convenient for guests who will go to the Executive Lounge. The afternoon tea prepared by the hotel in the lounge is really thoughtful. No matter snacks, light staples, desserts and drinks, there are many choices, from Western desserts to Thai desserts, so that guests can feel the hospitality and enthusiasm of the guests. It is really a paradise for a person who loves to sleep and relax and refresh again, because you can eat just a foot out of your room, 50m out of the room. How great it is~~

In addition, the breakfast is normal hotel specifications, such as breakfast styles, a little more choice will be even better. But because it is too tired for me, there is no more good shot for this hotel ^^ If there is a chance that I will be add some back.

The hotel is really intimate, well-equipped, open and convenient. Next time when you choose Bangkok, you can consider the Renaissance Hotel in Bangkok, which is worth a try. (Come on! Merry!~ Anyway, there are a lot of time. Probably too long, crazy ^^Reminds my of Bruno Mars, Today I don’t wanna doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed….^^)

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