Luxury and aristocratic Hotel in Bangkok Asoke area – Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel

Luxury and aristocratic Hotel in Bangkok Asoke BTS area 
Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel

Luxury Hotel in Bangkok Asoke area Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel

This time I booked one night Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel, this is the most stylish and luxurious Marriott hotel I have ever stayed. Again and again, my photo was taken with an old model phone and completely unprocessed. ^^(Because I can’t take professional photos, I can only confidently say that it is all natural Lol^^)

Entering the lobby is like entering a place of nobility. Whether the decoration or the uniform the staff wear, you can feel like you are of the royal class.

At CHECK IN, the front desk staff told us very kindly that they have received our request in the Marriott app, and notice us that we can upgrade to the M suite for free, and she kindly introduce us the facilities in the hotel.

After CHECK IN, the concierge sent our baggage back to the room, and again gave us a lot more details that we might need such as introduced us to the lounge floor and breakfast time. As soon as I walked into the room, I saw a small gift prepared by the hotel. The hotel also sent a packet of Siam Tea Room cookies, which looks well prepared and taste really delicious. It was a really awesome WELCOME GIFT.

The layout of the room is probably as luxury as what I showed in the photos, it is really suitable for people who like to spend all the time in the hotel! ^^ Sometimes wherever I go, I liked to sleep in bed all day, how good and relax it could be!

Unfortunately, I was in foreign country, otherwise I could have invite some friends to come over for a small PARTY together. Act like I am a party animal. The best thing I like most is that the scrubbing supplies are all using THANN, and if you open the sliding door, you can watch the TV while taking a bath in the bathtub. While watching TV, eating a fruit platter and drinking white wine, it is really the same enjoyment of the nobility that i could ever imagine~~~~

Since the hotel accepted our EARLY CHECK IN request, it was almost still half a day after CHECK IN ^^ I walked through the hotel and went to the lounge to enjoy the wonderful afternoon.

The food provided in the executive lounge is of may choices, and there are more choices in the
Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel than other hotel’s afternoon tea. You can also enjoy the view from the window while eating, or you can overlook the entire park landscape and the famous restaurant Dinning in the sky (very close, but I didn’t know it before I went there, so I didn’t make it).

Salads, snacks, drinks and other light foods. If you like eating, this is really more than expect.

After enjoying the food in the lounge, of course I needed to take a photo, then share it with friends and recommend friends to Bangkok when they want to enjoy the luxury hotel.

Due to the size of the hotel are quite big, there are two buildings. And the view can clearly see through the Dinosaur planet or the complete view of the adjacent park can be seen.

Although it is not too close to the BTS Asoke, maybe about 10 minutes walk, but there are many shops along the way. But is in walking distance to T21 Mall and my favorite restaurant Jher Ngor Restaurant, that’s why I like this hotel.

My friends arranged too many goals during this trip, so it was a pity that I didn’t have much time to enjoy the facilities at the hotel and didn’t visit the hotel’s Siam Tea Room. I hope to go to Siam Tea Room next time.

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